"The moment that the carpet unrolled, I felt a huge thrill. It came out just as I imagined and better! We are so happy with it. Our guests exclaim over it all the time. I still have the sample box of wool colors and will get down to business soon on the next carpet. Thanks again." "I love, love, love the carpet! The color is perfect. The workmanship is impeccable! Thank you for your help and the great design. It makes our whole house beautiful and alive. All my friends want one." "I told the store and I want to tell you too that I have never had such good service anywhere. Thank you for all your help, the beautiful design work and best of all my new carpet. It is elegant and the colors are perfect! I am happier than I ever imagined." "Goran's carpets are dazzling. They define today with the workmanship of yesterday and the brilliance of tomorrow - truly a stunning integration of elegant, fluid lines in a modern, timeless vision. It's about time!" "Just want you to know that I am telling all of my friends not only about your beautiful designs, but how wonderful you are to work with. I am so happy every day when I wake up and see my carpets." "Great design! Absolutely love the carpet. You rock!" "Hansine's designs, workmanship and fibers are extraordinary, something that our clients cannot find anywhere else. I am always thrilled when a customer chooses one of the architectural shapes from her Landscape Series. They change the lines in a room and give it character. I never have to think twice about an order because Hansine cares as much about our customers as we do. Her service is exceptional. She double-checks everything, her carpets are always on time and they are always perfect. We stopped carrying any other custom rug companies in our stores. The best part is how happy our clients are with her designs and craftsmanship - and that makes us look good." "You and you carpets inspire many creative thoughts! Here's a few pics of the new house with your super cool rugs. Cheers to you." "Thank you for the extraordinary service. My wife and I are both in awe. We never believed our house could look this good. Thank you for your technical guidance, good sense and exceptional designs." "The carpet arrived. I'M IN LOVE!!" "I can hardly wait to order my next rug. These first two (see the enclosed photos) are so perfect. I can't believe how great these came out. Don't you love the red in living room? Thank goodness I didn't give up and get an oriental or something beige! My husband even agrees these are the greatest. The rugs are the first things our guests notice and then rave about. Thanks for making me look so good." "When you worked with us on our new loft space and recommended some of your unusual architectural shaped rugs, I thought you were wrong. If my wife hadn't insisted, I would never have done these shapes. Now I see what you meant. Both the elegance and drama of these rugs is breathtaking. Thank you for helping me see new possibilities." "I have a problem with my children. They won't play anywhere but on the new carpet. They love it as much as I do. Thank you for helping to make our house an amazing home. My husband has taken to lying on the carpet to watch TV. Thanks for all your help on this one. I want to do the bedrooms next." "I am soooooooooooo happy with my rugs. You're amazing and I think that the whole world should know it." "Thanks for taking such good care of me, as always, you are such a pleasure! Your carpets are inspirational!" "I am so happy that I found you! Three cheers for your carpets! You are really wonderful!" "I have fine art on my floor! Wow." "Without your input, we would never have picked such an unusual piece for the living room. I can't wait to show it off. It is truly beautiful." "I saw the building runner this morning and it looks beautiful too..... but your work always does! I can't imagine how I managed before you were doing my client's rugs. They think I'm a genius!" “Thank you, Hansine!:-) we will send more business your way. You have been so great to work with!” “Yes, yes, yes! I love it! Thank you!” “Wow! The carpets are awesome. Thank you! Thank you!” “The carpet in the Grand Building is tremendous!!” "The carpet arrived and is GORGEOUS! Thanks for all your help. We are all extremely happy. Thank you for holding the door wide open on creativity. It gives me such inspiration for my projects. My clients are getting true works of art since I started working with you and I am getting rave reviews as a result." "My husband came home from work and the first word he said was," Wow...this is really really nice!" Yes, the carpet is here!!! I can't put it in words how great it looks. I have to send you a picture. Thanks so much Hansine. We have some friends coming from Los Angeles this weekend and I can't wait to show off my lovely carpet." "Wow! You are fast! You're work is downright impressive, Hansine. I called my client after his carpet arrived and he answered the phone with Charles! I have a piece of art on my floor." "We're enjoying the carpet so much Hansine. Every time we walk past it, we always turn our heads to take another look at it. It is truly is a piece of art work that somehow looks totally different from every angle. We adore the color. I don't know if I told you, but I'm still trying to learn to like my cherry wood floor. Now that I have this carpet in the living room, I don't feel the wood floor is as overpowering. Before it always felt like this big plank of wood. Now, the floor is there for a reason! We are very grateful for your expertise." "You're the best carpet designer around!! I can't wait to see what you design for the downstairs!" "OH MY GOD! THEY ARRIVED! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!" "I love them. You are the BEST!!!!!!!" "Our children presented us with our monogrammed fiftieth anniversary carpet at our party yesterday. We can't begin to tell you how much this beautiful work of art means to us. It is the most perfect and gorgeous carpet I have ever seen. Knowing that it will pass through the generations proclaiming our love even after we are gone is a priceless gift for our whole family. I can't stop crying, it means so much." "Thanks for making this so much fun. We are extremely happy with our carpets. We are having a party to show them off. Want to come?" "The rugs were more beautiful than my wildest dreams!!!!! Here are pictures of the two beautiful carpets in my house. I am still waiting for end tables, window treatments, and a coffee table in the living room (all of which was ordered long before the rugs!), but I think you get a good idea of how it all looks." "Thank you Hansine for the exquisite work you did on our wedding carpet. Every time we look at it we are reminded of the best day in our lives. We cherish it and you." "We remain very happy with the living room rug you made for us. !The quality of the New Zealand wool was clearly demonstrated a few weeks ago when a guest's arm knocked the serving tray out of a waiter's hand at a cocktail party. !The soy sauce dip on the tray went flying and splattered the rug over an area encompassing several feet. Quick action and quality wool resulted in zero damage and no telltales of the spill. !It almost sounds like a commercial for Current Carpets, doesn't it?" "Thank you for your prompt reply and enthusiasm for the ROCK project. Having reviewed the images of the rugs that you suggested, I am thrilled at the possibility of including them into the ROCK space. They are vibrant, young, cheery and DURABLE !!I thank you sooooo much and looking so forward to seeing them within the space!" "The FABULOUS carpet just arrived. It's absolutely spectacular and pulls the entire area together in exactly the way we'd envisioned!!! I can't tell you how nice it's been to work with you -- I'm going to start looking around the house for other places to put Current Carpets... In the meantime, all of us are thoroughly enjoying this one." "It is gorgeous. My partner loves it too." "Have been meaning to write since I saw the article in the Chron last month. Enjoyed it and the pictures. We love our rug -- it is the right finishing touch. Thanks again for all your personal interest and attention." “You do gorgeous work!” "Good morning Hansine! I love the rug, it turned out just perfect. Thanks so much. I hope that you can come to our gallery opening." “I wanted to thank you for sending us the yarn and rug samples. They were very well received and helpful in presenting the idea to our client. It is so obvious that you have an excellent product, are very customer oriented and I appreciate that very much. Thank you for helping us look so darn good! And we will be doing the project together.” "The show was wonderful and you were at your best as always. Your new carpets are so yummy, I could almost eat them or wrap myself in them. We are thinking about where can we put another one in our house. I just love them and want one of each." “Thanks for all your hard work, Hansine. You add so much to the architectural tour with your beautiful carpets and willingness to go the extra mile.” “What a delight it was to see and hear you take command of the audience at the museum today. I gained even more appreciation for your work and learned more about you that I wish I had put in my story about you. It was so special to see your work displayed and explained. The rug stories you told gave so much depth and gave a new meaning to Hansine, your work and now my exquisite carpet.” "We are sooooooooooo happy with our carpet! Hansine, thank you so much for all of your time and attention. We could not love our new piece any more than we do. It is absolutely perfect and clearly will only be the first of several. I hope you have a great day and I look forward to working with you in the near future. I'll send you an 'after' picture so that you can see the difference that your hard work has made to our home!" "Thank you so much for your excellent service. we love the carpet . It looks great. We will contact you again this winter for our primary residence." “Thank you so much for being so prompt...the meeting went very well and the presentation to my client was beautiful thanks to you and they ordered the carpets.” “When I got home on Tuesday evening, I met my wife and we carefully unwrapped Geneva, carried it out into the main living space, unrolled it, then proceeded to marvel over how nice it looks against the floor and how it picks up certain tones in the walls. She ran upstairs, grabbed a cushion off one of the Knoll chairs and brought it back down to see how it looked against the carpet - it's a hit! I think she is going to reply separately with a photo too!” “Hansine, your carpet was a big crowd pleaser for us last night. Thank you so much! Just wanted you to know how impressed everybody was with your carpet.” “We just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed working with you creating our new carpet. We had a slight idea of what we wanted and as a highly skilled artist; you translated this into something even better. It is such a pleasure working with you as you are one of those rare people that are listening. We truly believe that this is one of the reasons you have come this far in your artistic career. You are listening and observing the world intensely and you are then able to transfer the observations to your media. It's been an honor working with you!” “Thanks again for your efforts. Before we talked, I had lost hope of having the carpet before the bed. As it turns out, the carpet is here and gorgeous and we are still waiting for the bed! We are sleeping on the carpet instead. Have a great weekend.” “Hansine - Congratulations! Why am I not surprised you won first place for Textiles? You are a lovely person who makes wonderful rugs. We sure love ours.” “In one word it's MAGIC. I love it! I knew it would be beautiful because I saw how talented you are in your designs. I tell you it's so nice to see when one does make the right decision. And I certainly did, it in choosing one of your designs. I LOVE THE CARPET. You're certain to have a customer for life. I'm really happy with it. Thank you and regards.” “Just a note to let you know that the rug arrived last week in perfect condition. It is absolutely beautiful and matches the decor of the house perfectly. It will be installed next week. I will certainly photograph it after the installation and send you the pictures.Thanks for all your help.” “This is not going to sound right, but I was cleaning up dog vomit yesterday and it made me think of you. Actually I was cleaning up dog vomit off of the beautiful carpet you made for us (which is why I thought of you) and you were right - that carpet is incredible. It was like cleaning out a new Teflon pan. I wiped it up and it was as if it was never there. We have gotten so many nice complements about that carpet. Our daughter has a friend whose parents are both architects (and accordingly trained professionals in being tasteful) and the mother describes it as her favorite carpet - pretty much every time she comes over. I think some times that she comes over just to visit the carpet.” “I want to tell you how much we appreciate the carpets. I've learned some wonderful ideas from you. You are a great designer. The color combination, the different tufting techniques, placements, shapes, how carpets work in a room.. I’m looking forward to seeing my latest art piece from Current Carpets. Thanks again!” “Your design of my initials in calligraphy is so unique and I am so proud of it. Hansine, you are marvelous, and I thank you so much!!!! Please add my comments to your testimonials.” “OMIGOD I LOVE IT!!!! THIS RUG!!! IT'S FIERCE!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL HE GET'S HOME!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!! ps - they shot a music video for Brandy here - and MTV came and did a behind the scenes - check it out - its all about the house and rugs this is the MTV schedule. THANKS H!!!” “The L Building carpets are still getting compliments everyday, and look beautiful - thanks again for all your help on that project.” “I want to tell you something cute. Friday when I went into the hotel, I decided to enjoy your rugs for a few minutes. The first one I came to was the Magic Carpet rug. I stood there looking at it for several minutes because it was just so beautiful. There was a little man sitting there who had been working on the building, his name is Louie....very hard to understand. As I stood there looking at it he looked up at me and said "you like rug?" and I said "yes...its very beautiful. I love it". And then I asked him, "do you like this rug?" and he smiled very wide and said "yes, very, very pretty rug". I just thought that was so delightful. Everyone likes your rugs.” “Thanks for the followup call. I wanted to let you know that the rug looks great and the clients are extremely happy. The quality of the workmanship and the overall product is even better than we expected. Thanks very much for your assistance. I hope we get the chance to work together again very soon.” “Thank you Hansine for the exquisite work on the carpets for the Moraga project. We are thrilled, as are our clients. The music scripted through the bedroom is the most stunning carpet I have ever seen. Do you know that we searched the entire United States and couldn't find anyone who could design and produce the carpet for this project...that is until we found you...and we are so happy we did. Thanks, you are great. We admire you here at Home Improvement Radio.” “I was looking at all four of your rugs this morning...WOW...your rugs look BEAUTIFUL!! Flying carpet and Cakewalk...pictures don't do them justice... seeing them in person...unbelievable. The custom ones are just as wonderful. I just stood there smiling when I was looking at your rugs. No one will ever quit working here now.” “This carpet is great. Thank you so much for pushing this along. If you are ever in the Washington DC area, we would love to meet you and have you visit our office to talk about your products and our next projects. Thanks again.” “Thank you so much for your remarkable, beautiful work and craftsmanship. I have been very occupied with other projects, but I need to say that we are very pleased and happy with the carpets. I hope to work with you again, very soon. I do not think we could find anyone else in the world who could have produced these. You made the heavens!” “THE CARPETS!!!!! They look just fabulous in our home.They are PERFECT!!!! And that is hard to say about almost anything these days. YOU DO GREAT WORK!!! We are very happy campers and VERY SATISFIED customers. MANY THANKS to you and your team.” “Hansine: We love our new carpets! We cannot tell you how much joy they've brought to our lives. We lay on them, roll on them, gawk at them, and just generally love them to bits. Thank you again for making such beautiful works of art.” “Hi Hansine, I just wanted to let you know how well the area rugs are working out. And Kory the cat loves lying on them. Right now he is sleeping in the middle of the hallway on the small crop circle. The kitchen rug worked out beautifully, and the entry way is a major attraction. Thank you for all your input and great design work.” “Well, my beautiful new carpet arrived tonight and it is just what I envisioned it to be....gorgeous! You know, I was wowed by the first rug and thought that any second rug would have a long way to go to compare with it, but you've done it again.” “At your opening lecture, we witnessed you weave together the luminous layers and silken threads of you and your life’s work. Congratulations Hansine for all you have created. It was a total honor to be with you today. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you weave your worlds together and heal hearts and lives through your art. You’re a miracle and my inspiration. The carpets you made for us mean so much.” “Our company did the broadloom installation for the San Francisco tower. I have to say we have never installed better carpeting anywhere. We appreciate you mapping the project for us and look forward to working with your carpeting again.” “The carpets arrived! They are gorgeous. Right now I have the point of the!Bermuda triangle nearest to the entry hall. It looks nice either way. Crop circle just beyond that.Tsunami in the hall is superb. It is interesting how color differs depending what other colors are around them. The colors turned out perfectly.!Thank you for all your help. It is always fun working with you.” “My mother was utterly impressed with your carpet! It is a big hit and fits right in with all of the other wavelike resonating elements in the space.” “The Visitor's Bureau gave the inn an award for outstanding achievement in innovation and renovation! We are very happy about it.! We were also one of the featured buildings in our district on the National Solar tour this year and your carpets were admired by many ‘bare-footers’ who came through the halls.” “We love our Current Carpets and can’t wait to have more!” “You are amazing, you just synthesized our entire project discussion into a perfect quest for direction, knowledge, meaning and beauty. !I love how you can articulate the concepts so beautifully. !Hansine you are the Alchemist of textiles.” “Bless you, Hansine. You are a dream come true. I wish you had arrived at our doorstep long ago. You have made it all so much easier and pleasant for us, not to mention having improved the look a hundred fold.” “Moving day was Saturday and we are exhausted! 38 years of being in the same house has created a lot of stuff! The area rug is gorgeous and fits the new space perfectly. The cat loves the purple diamond and sits on the purple diamond whenever he is sitting on the rug. As soon as all the pictures are hung, I will take pictures for you. The colors have turned out beautifully. Thank you for making our new home and move worth the effort. Your carpets make us smile every day as we unpack.” “Your piece is fabulous, and we were able to display it proudly on the right-hand wall of the Auditorium, with everything else revolving around it! Thank you for creating such a beautiful fiber work of art!! It was a real "gift" to the Committee because it gave us a strong and beautiful piece to anchor that vast space of the auditorium.! Your very talented, and your work is wonderful!” “Bless your little heart! We have never been so happy with our home.” “You are such a pleasure to interact with in getting this very important carpet made, the heavens were with me when I ran across your website!” “THE CARPET ARRIVED AND IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL. NO TROUBLE WITH HURRICANE. IT WAS DELIVERED & IS NOW IN OUR NEW HOME. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CARE & ATTENTION! WE LOVE IT.” “Thank you, Hansine – we will send a lot more business your way.! You have been so great to work with and our clients are so happy!” “The carpet arrived yesterday. It looks great - wonderful color and texture. We will email a photo later. Thanks very much for your follow-up. You made our day.” “The enormous amount of love and work you must have put into producing this truly shows. It looks fabulous, is lusciously produced. With heartfelt thanks and appreciation.” “This is a spectacular carpet. Your time and expertise shines through. It looks beautiful. Your efforts and creativity are much appreciated.” “We just picked up the carpet and we can´t stop looking at it. It is simply PERFECT and we love it. The carpet is just the right size and the colors are just great. I have attached some pictures of the carpet under the tables. We have actually decided to leave the carpet under the tables until tomorrow so that we can see it in daylight too – and take some more pictures. We will not actually use it before we are married on it next month – to keep all the good luck in place.” “I’m actually out of town until tonight, but my husband told me the carpet arrived and looks beautiful!! I can’t wait to get home and be as happy as he is.” “Now I don't know WHICH is the reason I most want to go to our NY home in October -- to see my kids or to see the carpet again! We love it.” “ I would buy a carpet from you, for any room in the house,!sight unseen.!That's how talented I think you are. And you have a sweetness about you with such a great personality! I think that is a large part of your success, not to mention the masterpieces you put out.” “Our showroom has become the talk of the building. I think we have gotten more public relations mileage from your carpet than from some of our ads! Our walk-in traffic has increased as people walk by our windows and are attracted by your work. We love our “statement” piece. Thank you again and again.” “This sure is fun. It’s no fun just going somewhere and buying off the rack. (the rack has no imagination.) I am going to miss you and thIs project when we are all done. We think you are!right with your suggestion that we could elongate the carpet to come into the door swing space. Also you hit the nail on the head with the comment about absorbing sound. It does echo in there. I emailed your color design to the architect and she loved it. Thank you for all the time you have put into this with us.” “We LOVE our carpet! I included a photo of it in our hallway. Sometimes we just sit in the hall and enjoy it! Many thanks.” “We've been sitting in the living room after dinner, our typical reading time, commenting to each other on what a huge and amazing change the carpeting is- we both have always loved the idea of fine things in a sort of rustic atmosphere... Your carpeting has the most amazing and beautiful texture that I didn't get until I saw the large areas of it.. sort of nubbly with the slight pattern from the grain. !It is the most elegant textile. I could go on and on! !The color even matches the cat. We can't thank you enough... You've made our home so special.” “THEY ARE HERE!! and I'm absolutely in love with them.” “You always have so many creative ideas that it becomes hard to choose. What would I do without you! I can't believe my good fortune to have found you and your team of experts. Do you realize you just made our eighth carpet? We love every one of them. You make our lives a joyful place. Thank you as always” “The new 15 pound one year old kitten puts his stamp of approval on all of the new carpets. Loves to lie on them. Maine Coons love to lie on rugs!” “My clients are very happy with the rug, a big thanks again for making it all possible.” “Though we've put Geneva away for the moment, (rolled out to look at and to take pictures of, but now rolled back up to lay in wait for her proper debut), while the rest of the remodeling work gets done, I was tickled to see how well it looks in our new place! I had to laugh when I first walked on Geneva. The fibers wiggle under ones toes! I love it! Oh, and the color is perfect! I'm nuts about the diagonal line separating the two textures too! We can’t wait for the remodeling to be done so we can live full time with our beautiful carpet.” “OMG it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!I'm calling you right now. I'm so proud of our carpet and what you've created. You are brilliant.” “I can’t wait to send you photos of what the carpets do for our home. WE LOVE THEM. Duet made our bedroom from a rather austere and hard room into a cozy, beautiful and welcoming retreat. Grace is in our seating area in the main room. She imparts elegance , beauty and yes, grace. The red Balance rug defines our dining area, and since our table is square and has post-like legs it echoes the design. Sea Folding over Shore goes everywhere and is a wonderful metaphor for our location. The neutrals blend beautifully, the colors enliven, and the images in the carpets are echoed in the art on our walls. Grace is so musical, as well that she resonates, even enhances the music in our home. Yes I am waxing euphoric, but it is our sincere reaction. I feel greedy wanting more. The others we could use are: Earth Wind Fire Water, Tea House of the August Moon and Night Folding Over Day.” “The carpet is beautiful and looks perfect. There is about 1 ft on either side of the end tables with the border of “doughnuts” running parallel as a border. My only concern is if there is sufficient space for a second rug. But I am not worried. I know you will figure something perfect for that area. I love this rug so much that I am dying for the chair and the second rug. It has been a true pleasure working with you. I am hoping that one day we will get a chance to meet.” “I am so happy with the new carpet, and I don't know if I mentioned in my last email, but, I've already invited people for two different nights...just for a holiday drink and light!appetizers before going out to show it off!” “I am grateful to have you working with us on this project. Your carpet designs have really put our professionalism up a notch...or three.” “I love my carpet. Thank you, thank you for creating such a lovely carpet for me. My dreams have come true.” “It is hard to believe these dramatic carpets add so much to our collections. You were so right to help lead us this direction. I’m not sure anyone else would have had the sensitivity to pull this off. We couldn’t possibly be happier.” “OH My GOD it's Gorgeous! In one word it's MAGIC. I love it! I knew it would be beautiful because I saw how talented you are in your designs. I tell you it's so nice to see when one does make the right decision. And I certainly did, it in choosing one of your designs. I LOVE THE CARPET. You're certain to have a customer for life. I'm really happy with it.” “This weekend my home was open for the Symphony League Tour of Homes. About four hundred people walked thru. I bet 75% of them commented on the carpets -- the river rugs were a very big hit. Thanks for making me look so good.” “Just a note to let you know that the rug arrived last week in perfect condition. It is absolutely beautiful and matches the décor of the house perfectly. It will be installed next week. I will certainly photograph it after the installation and send you the pictures. Thanks for all your help.” “I have attached a photo of my great room (including Cosmo Kitty doing his Obelisque impression). The moment that the carpet unrolled, I felt a huge thrill. It came out just as I imagined and better! We are so happy with it. Our guests exclaim over it all the time. I still have the sample box of carpets and will get down to business soon on the next carpet.” “Just want you to know that I am telling all of my friends not only about your beautiful designs, but how nice you are to work with. I am so happy every day when I wake up and see my carpets.” “The carpet arrived and is GORGEOUS! Thanks for all your help. We are extremely happy.” “You and you carpets inspire me every day! Here's a few pics of the new house with your awesome rugs. You rock carpet lady.” “I told the store and I want to tell you too that I have never had such good service anywhere. Thank you for all your help, the beautiful design work and best of all my new carpet. It is elegant and the colors are perfect. I am happier than I ever imagined.” “Thank you for the extraordinary service. My wife and I are both in awe. We never believed our house could look this good. Thank you for your technical guidance, good sense and exceptional designs.” “The second carpet arrived. I'M IN LOVE AGAIN!!” “I love your carpets. Now I’m happy to say I love your carpets even more at my house.” “Here is what I have to say about working with Hansine. First there are her designs, workmanship and fibers. There is nothing like them available anywhere. She has truly done something new and exciting. I love giving our clients something extraordinary that they can’t find anywhere else. I am always thrilled when I work with one of our customers using one of her architectural shapes from the Landscape Series. They change the lines in a room and give it character, interest and new lines which expand the space. I never have to think twice about an order. She cares as much about our customers as we do. Her service is exceptional. She double checks everything, carpets are always on time and they are always perfect. She will work with our customers to custom design carpets or adapt patterns to fit the client’s home. As soon as we got Current Carpets, we stopped carrying any other custom rug companies in our lines. The best part of all is how happy our clients are with her designs and craftsmanship and that makes us look good!” “My lovely carpet arrived yesterday. It is so beautiful. I can't believe we actually decided on such an unusual color. There's nothing this color in the house. The only thing close to it is your other carpet in the living room. It stands out remarkably nice against the beige marble. It is just refreshing! Thanks for all your help on making this choice.” “We love the carpets you designed for us. Thank you for everything.” “Everyone who has been to the hotel loves the carpets. Thank you!” “Your generosity, talent and creativity never cease to amaze me. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. I feel so grateful and honored to know you and I am extremely pleased with the positive impact the carpets will make on the building.” “We are thrilled to have one of your beautiful carpets. Thank you.” “Wow! The power of beautiful carpets. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.” “We wish we could have made it to your show at the de Young. We’re loving and enjoying the three pieces of art work you designed for us!” “We are so pleased to have rugs that are our very own works of art. We feel proud that our home and now offices reflect our style and personalities.” “It was so fabulous because all the people who weren’t at the rehearsal dinner saw the carpet at the wedding. There it was, out on the wooden deck, under the bridal canopy, so gorgeous. It was the only thing on the deck. So everyone else, whether they asked or not what it was, KNEW that there was something amazing, something they had never seen before nor FELT happening right there in front of them. When tears just quietly started to roll down the bride and groom’s faces, many started to cry as well. This tradition of the wedding carpet is so much more powerful and moving than I ever could have imagined. And now they will be able to live with it the rest of their lives. We could never have even conceived of this without you and we are truly eternally grateful. Now I am imagining the next generations with the carpet and it makes my heart sing.” “What influence you have with UPS. I can't even get my yarn from Redondo Beach here as fast as you get the area rug here. UPS just delivered it here. It is really gorgeous. The color blends perfectly with the maroon leather of the chairs and with the new cushions of the white table. And it contrasts really well with the sofa. I can't wait to get the vacuum cleaner out. You made this rug faster than I can get a picture framed at the frame it shop. Thank you so much. Again, it was fun working with you. Again thanks.” “I am blessed twice, once with your beautiful rugs for our first home and now for the second. Thank you for your wisdom and talents with all my carpets. Thank you for your unwavering kindness.” “Finally, finally, finally! We are in our house, our rug looks beautiful in our new living room and we are SO HAPPY we have it. Thank you a million times for your patience and sage advice. We are enclosing some pictures of how the rug looks. Everyone comments on how beautiful it looks.” “Just a quick note to let you know that our inn was editor’s choice for “Best Green Friendly Stay” in New England. Your beautiful (and green) carpets put us leaps above the competition! Our guests love them, as do we. Seems that the media does too.” “There are no words to say thank you enough. I am so excited about the wedding carpet. You changed everything for me and the children. You created a blessing and I am so grateful.” “Greetings from the University. I wanted to send you our “holiday card” from the office of the President. As you can see, your carpet is gracing our card and is just beautiful. The rugs compliment our offices and are noticed by all who visit. It was a pleasure to work with you. During the spring or summer, I will be working on yet another renovation and look forward to purchasing another dynamic rug from Current Carpets.” “Thank you for being so giving of your time and resources. Your input and carpets made a great impact on their wonderful new home.” “You made a dream come true last weekend 2X! We are honored and touched to have both your amazing rugs grace our home. We love them and admire you.” “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for my beautiful rugs.” “It’s hard to believe that in a matter of a short time, I can show my family the rug you designed for my home. I’m so glad to have had the privilege to meet you and know your work through the awards you received through our company. You are the best.” “You give with such a glad heart. We want to let you know how well the carpet has fit into the family. Not only is it beautiful beyond belief, but so amazingly durable. And as you predicted, loved by the dogs. We thank you for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of time. It makes us feel “special” to have one of your beautiful carpets. Thank you.” “Nice, nice, nice job on our client’s carpets!” “The officers and members of the fire company would like to thank you for the perfect custom carpet. I too thank you for your help with this carpet and for being a great listener. As you can see from the photo, the new fire station is open and all of us are very pleased to be standing with our crest. The members of the fire company are proud and vacuum often!” “So carpet goddess, thank you for making so much art to heal the world and to walk upon, joining heaven and earth. People feel better coming here since we have your carpets. They are therapy to the environment.” “The firm would like to thank you for your faithful attention to detail. As you know, everything we do is a reflection of our buildings and company to our clients. We appreciate your considered response to our needs and the carpets reflect our work perfectly. Thank you again.”

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